Check Your Beliefs

This Week’s Focus Point

[You] see what [you have] learned to see, and everything else is invisible“.
– Mark Douglas

Why is it that some organisations & teams go from success to success, and others dwindle in their mediocrity?

Their belief systems.

This week lets explore the beliefs that exist within your organisation.

Your beliefs underpin every decision, every action and every result you achieve.

Here’s some examples of limiting beliefs I’ve seen:

‘We can’t do that, we have to run everything by ‘X’ authority (2-4 levels higher)

‘We don’t do things that way’

‘We don’t calculate things that way as internal staff are free’ ( this is a particular bugbear of mine…)

‘We need to have a <insert your number here> hour long meeting about it’

‘We have to ask permission before <some obviously beneficial act>’

‘Don’t talk to them’

‘Everything has to go through me’

‘They are a bunch of <insert derogative term>’


Honestly, none of these are made up. I have heard each and everyone one of them (often multiple times).

As per the quote from the beginning of this post – beliefs like these make all other options and opportunities invisible.

So how do we change beliefs?

This is a fascinating area – but in short – you need to transfer fuel from one to another. You need to find a belief to replace the detrimental one and regularly find ways to ‘lean in’ to the new belief.

A few examples:
From ‘we need to ask permission’ to ‘let’s do it’.
From ‘don’t talk to them’ to ‘talk to whoever you feel is best to involve’
From ‘we need to have a meeting’ to ‘let’s solve it here and now’.

Your Weekly Challenge

What beliefs are limiting the opportunities within your organisation?

Are you simply accepting the status quo? Or are you ‘leaning in’ to the creation of a better way?

This week:

Pick one obviously detrimental belief and consciously find ways to replace it.

This Week’s Thought Pulses

Leadership & Performance

If you are frustrated at work, a belief is misaligned from reality.
This doesn’t serve you so address it.

Momentum & Energy

Frustrated staff = Frustrated progress

Delivery & Oversight

Don’t fall into the ‘superiority belief trap’.
99% of the time the staff on projects are doing the best they can.
Perfection is not attainable, so never expect it.


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