Speed Is Only Half The Story

This Week’s Focus Point

Like many children, I was taught to play the piano. A beautiful instrument in the hands of someone gifted. In mine – it was a loud cacophany that occassionally sounded like the piece I was attempting to play. I was hitting all the right notes – but I hit them too hard and too fast.

I was not a patient child – this showed in my music.

It does seem that I was not alone with this impatience, and there are several indications that we as a society are getting more and more impatient. Our amazing advances in technology are somewhat to blame here. Mind-blowing amounts of money is spent on making everything go faster; from website load times (fractions of seconds) to faster call pickups or faster delivery times.

But in the pursuit of speed I so often see a drop in consistency. This is a fatal mistake. We cannot lose sight of patient persistence.

Grant Cardone puts it brilliantly:
“We have all heard the story of the tortoise and the hare. The lesson, of course, is that the tortoise wins because he takes his time, whereas the hare rushes, becomes tired, and misses his opportunity to win. We’re supposed to derive the meaning that we should be the tortoise—that people who approach goals steadily and slowly don’t get tired. If there was a third player in the fable who had the speed of the hare and the steadfastness of the tortoise, they would smoke them both and have no competition. The fable would then be called Smoked.”

Speed without persistance is a fish flopping on the beach – frantic action – little progress.

Persistance without speed is the marathon walker. They will get there eventually, but won’t get their name in the papers.

Speed and Persistance = Real, visible progress.

Your Weekly Challenge

This week:


Have you lost sight of persistence?

or perhaps,

Is there an area niggling at you that should be performing at twice the speed?

Are you a beached fish, or a marathon walker?

As always, email me with your thoughts. I would love to help.

This Week’s Thought Pulses

Leadership & Performance

If patience is a virtue, urgency is divine.’
– Grant Cardone

Momentum & Energy

Momentum is found at the intersection of urgency and consistency.

Delivery & Oversight

A key virtue of a project is its defined end date. Leverage this, define what sustainable looks like, then accelerate it to create some urgency.


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