Has Your Business Caught A Cold?

This Week’s Focus Point

It’s that time of the year… Cold Season!

My family and I have just recovered from a particularly nasty cold (I’ll save you the details),

So suitably insprired, this week I want to you to consider if your business has also caught a cold!

Signs Your Business May Have The Common Cold:

Blocked Sinuses:
Your processes are backlogged, inefficient, and/or dependent on a key person (who has just taken some leave).

Sore Throat:
Your communications are ineffective or non-existent due to entrenched organisational silos or cliques.

There is a lack of strategic progression due to either a uselessly-generic strategy or ongoing instability of direction (think of a fish flopping on the sand).

Throbbing Headache:
Your decision making processes take too long, your policies stifle individual thought and your governance is overburdened with administration.

Your business is focused purely on solving problems instead of creating new opportunities and improvements, or, your workforce is over-saturated with ongoing changes to the way they work.

Intense Tiredness:
Your workforce productivity is dwindling, spurred from low levels of momentum or morale (or both!).

Your customer satisfaction is declining or already low as a result of problems that are occuring further up the process stream.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Luckily, the common cold isn’t as scary as it once was.

Here’s your 5-Step prescription:

  1. Work with a trained ‘business health’ practitioner
    A high quality consultant/guide/coach will help you penetrate the dangerous veil of internal group-think and draw from their deep well of tools to aid in both remedial and preventative action.
  2. Keep up your fluids
    Keep your organisational lifeblood (cashflow) moving. Unlike a cold, business stagnation and loss of momentum is not what we are after here.
  3. Get some fresh air
    Regularly look outside yourselves for new ideas, invest in training and expertise, and create time for innovation and experimentation.
  4. Manage the symptoms
    Working with your external support, address the symptoms using proven tools. (see my resources page for ideas).
  5. Treat the cause
    While working through the symptoms, start pursuing a root-cause analysis. There may be a few. Once identified, implement immediate remedy and rectification. Once again, external support can help here.

Your Weekly Challenge

When my cold was at its worst, I found myself lying in bed, watching Netflix, merely waiting for the time to pass. Following the prescription outlined above (with some help of my immune system), I overcame the cold.

This week:

Diagnose the level of sickness in your organisation, and conduct a ‘health check-up’.

If you identify any concerns, it might be time to chat to someone to help you overcome this all too common cold. 

This Week’s Thought Pulses

Leadership & Performance

Like a cold, a single issue can manifest in a multitude of symptoms.
Actively ask – is this the root cause?

Momentum & Energy

Like our bodies, we shouldn’t run our teams too hot or too cold.
There is a ‘Goldilocks’ level of ideal momentum.
Hint: It’s often determined by the team themselves if they are suitably inspired.

Delivery & Oversight

 Even in businesses with the ‘common cold’,projects can still move fast and effectively if the idea that a project is a new, temporary organisation (with its own rule-sets) is actively embraced.
It’s OK to make exceptions to existing policies for projects, if the benefits are obvious.


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