Are You Thinking Big Enough?

This Week’s Focus Point

A client of mine recently mentioned that she was planning to run her team through the minimum work they would need to do over the coming quarter.

And it had me thinking – Why are we even considering the minimum?

A better conversation is:
“What is the most we can get done this quarter?”

Or even better:
“How can we create even more value this quarter?”

The bare minimum is contractive by nature. In order to maintain momentum and continue to grow, we must stay in expansionary ways of thinking.

What new services or products can we create to drive new value for our customers?

It doesn’t matter if your customers are external or internal to your organisation – we must stay on the lookout for value growth opportunities everyday.

Your Weekly Challenge

Take a moment to reflect on your processes and offerings;

  • Consider where you are only providing the minimum to get by,
  • Then, design what the maximum would look like, and make a plan to get there.

Here’s an example: If part of your customer offering is the creation of a monthly report:

  • The minimum level may be the collation of the data only.
  • An increased value position may be adding a concise analysis and recommendations to save the reader time.
  • maximum value position may be implementing ways to automate the entire reporting process & analyses to free up your team’s time to provide entirely new services.

This Week’s Thought Pulses

Leadership & Performance

If we are not creating or adding value to the areas of life we are involved in – then why are we there? Might be time to revisit our purpose and fit.

Momentum & Energy

As humans, our instinctual desire to grow leads to a love of achievement and creation. This is most motivating when we notably improve someone else’s life.

Delivery & Oversight

Projects are more successful when they focus on value over delivery. When a project scope is considered from a value perspective – budget and time can often be reduced.


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